Jazz Dance History

Stop dancing for a while and learn more about the historical background of the jazz dance. And take your notebook with a pencil, as Alina Sokulska introduces a brand new theoretical course on jazz dance history, for the first time in Barcelona (and a dance school) ever!

We are going to learn from the academic research texts on African American dance, as well watch, analyse and discuss dance videos, that Alina carefully prepared and summarised for you. You are going to learn about the culture and history of a dance you practice and love most: Jazz.

This regular 1h weekly course will take a trimester with a detailed focus on roots (Africanist presence, prejazz dances, buck and wing, plantation dances, minstrelsy, vaudeville, cakewalk, foxtrot etc), jazz and swing dances as well as the postwar era dances in the US (bebop, applejack, etc.) and the UK (bebop, fusion).

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to reach a better cultural understanding of what you are dancing 😉




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Jazz Dance History
Conferència Conferencia Lecture
Complet Completo Full'
22/01/2020 - 25/03/2020
Dimecres Miércoles Wednesday
10 Classes 60' 10 Clases 60' 75€