Shake Blues Intensiu!

No et perdis aquest intensiu únic, on es treballarem el moviment corporal i aprendrem el ball de Solo Blues que el gran de la Sala Savoy i contemporani de Frankie Manning, Al Minns, va deixar en les famoses gravacions, The Spirit Moves

“Blues is the most profound, the most essential expression of jazz. It is the American folk statement by the blacks about their lives here. Blues can be considered a cornerstone of jazz music. Emotions which are going out of this music, are decidedly of an African heritage, but the dancers were not aware of it.” – Mura Dehn [The Spirit Moves]

Deeply rooted in the soils of black Africa, the excentric style of Al Minns “Shake Blues” dancing still has been a great pleasure to watch and appreciate. Now there is an opportunity to try to move the way the Greats did it! Thoroughly working on Shake Blues style for many years, Alina has elaborated a methodological class on the mechanisms of authentic blues movement the way Al Minns did it. We are focusing on body isolations, groove, armwork, parts of the Shake Blues routine and how you can use it in your improvisation, following the Tradition.

… i després del taller queda’t a ballar Blues, sol o en parella, a
> The Blues & Fusion Night!
(els alumnes que vulguin actuar fent el Shake Blues, tindran entrada gratuïta a la festa!)

Divendres 23 de febrer (20h-22h)
> SHAKE BLUES (Al Minns)
amb Alina Sokulska
(Nivell Obert)

Places Limitades… No badis!!
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