Afrobeat is a style of music that is born from the fusion of ioruba, Nigerian music, jazz and funk styles. Beyond the style, it has become an urban dance that is born from the traditional and tribal dances of several countries on the African continent. Continually evolving and growing adapting to the most modern rhythms. In this class the objective is to learn to dance without fear, release the contained energy, root with your feet on the ground and let yourself fly at the same time. Finding within each one the wild energy of the child that we all still carry inside. No previous experience is needed, just the desire to enjoy and enjoy yourself dancing and sharing.

Apuntarse a un curso de Afrobeat

Nivell Obert
Nivel Abierto
Open Level
Complet Completo Full'
05/04/2022 - 21/06/2022
Dimarts Martes Tuesday
10 Classes 60' 10 Clases 60' 105€