Bachata is a dance that comes from the Dominican Republic. It is considered as a derivative of the rhythmic bolero, combined with other styles such as Cuban and merengue. Bachata emerged in the urban marginality of bars and brothels in Santo Domingo. During the 60s and early 70s it was classified as the music of the poor classes, and was known as the “music of bitterness” This concept referred to the state of melancholy caused by heartbreak, always reflected in the theme of its compositions It was not too radiated music because it was considered vulgar. It was in the 80s that the media noticed her when her great worldwide success began.




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Obert Abierto Open
04/04/2022 - 20/06/2022
Dilluns Lunes Monday
10 Classes 60' 10 Clases 60' 105€