Bridal Dance

A course to enjoy, learn and prepare the bridal dance of your wedding in advance and enjoying the whole process. An experience to live the dance that you carry inside. Open for all levels, couples and styles. We will work varied rhythms, songs and personalized choreography.

If you are planning to get married in 2021 or 2022 or you know a couple who are preparing their wedding, this course is for you!

Also suitable for couples who want to learn different dance choreography together.

What will we do in the course?
ction to the most demanded rhythms in wedding dances
Style technique
The memory of the body
Couple figures

How will we do it?

With observation, repetition and creation

In the first class there will be a presentation of the most traditional rhythms of wedding dances, so we will know the level of the group, their preferences and their expectations.

3 different rhythms will be worked ·

A rhythm choreography will be created After each class, a video tutorial will be sent with what was learned in class

The current health safety distance will be maintained at all times

What rhythms / styles will they learn?

The Course will be adapted to your preferences. The most traditional rhythms for the Bridal Dance are: Waltz, Ballads, Pop, Salsa, Bachata, Rock and Roll, Swing, Tango, Lindy hop, Rumba, Catalan Rumba, Soundtracks, etc.

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