Hip Hop

The Hip Hop concept is used to unify all the Urban Dances and the different dance styles from Funk-Soul music. It was born into a strong urban culture in the 1970s in New York. His movements are characterized by being very energetic and looking for his own style. Hip Hop has two schools, the first rhythms called Old School (Breaking, Popping and Locking), and the newer movements called New Style. Although it is used to unify these Dance styles, the Hip Hop concept is a whole culture developed in the four original artistic pillars born in the streets: the voice (Rap), the music (DJing), the visual art (Graffiti) and the first street dance (Breaking).



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Hip hop
Nivell Obert
Nivel Abierto
Open Level
Obert Abierto Open
08/04/2024 - 17/06/2024
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