Lindy Training

Connection & Style

Surely at some point you have wondered how you could improve your dancing, make it more dynamic, more fluid and feel better dancing.
Go from taking steps to flowing with the music freely, being able to little by little find your style and merge with your partner and with each song.
All these concerns are answered in this course that we propose. A course designed to improve that swing you have, inside and out, but sometimes it can be difficult to hear and express it.
We will work on different levels within the dance: technique, bouncing, aesthetics, and connection, which leads to merging with the partner and with the music.
To continue growing as a dancer this is the definitive step. The door to creativity and freedom in dance.
Come on and join us on this journey. You will not regret!

Apuntarse a un curso de Lindy Training

Lindy Trainning
Obert Abierto Open
10/04/2024 - 19/06/2024
Dimecres Miércoles Wednesday
10 Classes 60' 10 Clases 60' 115€