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8 February, 2023

Every Friday… Let’s dance!

If it’s Thursday, it’s The Swing Ballroom!
3 November, 2021

Swing, dance and a good atmosphere… The meeting place for all the lindyhoppers of Barcelona !!

Help us fill our rooms with smiles
30 January, 2021

Any grain of sand we can receive will be a great support so that we can continue to bring dance to the lives of everyone.

Schedule Modification
13 August, 2020

Attention: We have made some changes to the schedules to ensure the proper functioning of the classes, so that some schedules have been advanced or delayed a few minutes. Please review the new schedules to confirm if they are still compatible with you and we can continue to count on you. Thank you very much.

Basic Protective measures against coronavirus!
6 June, 2020

      BASIC PROTECTIVE MEASURES AGAINST CORONAVIRUS   ♦ HAND HYGIENE: Make use of the disinfectant gel that you will find before entering the class and also inside. ♦ RESPIRATORY HYGIENE: The use of mask is mandatory. ♦ VOLUNTARY COUPLE ROTATIONS WILL BE MADE WITHIN THE CLASS: In couple dance styles, couple exchanges will… Read more »

Swingcats Galleries
23 September, 2019

                        La Gràcia Swing Jam                                   Ver más…                   The Swing Ballroom                                    Ver más…                             The Blues&Fusion Night                              Ver más…                  Swing at Sedeta’s Place                                        Ver más…                          … Read more »