Help us fill our rooms with smiles

As you all know, the current situation generated by the COVID-19, endangers all the shops in your neighborhood, those that make walking through its streets a unique experience, a walk full of color, laughter, music and of course, dance! Don’t let the small business in your city die, help it survive now and in the future.

In our case do not forget that we are waiting for you. It is true that the easiest thing is to shut up and do nothing until everything happens. “I’ll be back in the next term,” is one of the phrases we hear from school every day, but perhaps what we have not thought is that after too many months of inactivity without any income, this next term, perhaps , it never arrives …

That’s why from SwingCats, in these difficult times that we have had to live, we offer you two options to be able to collaborate with our project: signing up for one of our courses and enjoying joy with us again. , dance and good times, or collaborate to prevent the disappearance of our space and project by making a donation to account ES53 2100 3241 21 2200191334 (with the subject: cooperation).

Any grain of sand we can receive will be a great support so that we can continue to bring dance to the lives of everyone. Don’t wait for a better time, the time is now!

Can you imagine a Torrijos street without anyone looking through our stained glass window?

Help us keep this from happening!


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