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Aitor Leniz started dancing in 2003. His love for swing dance that he already professed in those years and his hobby of dance together with his studies of music prompted him to discover lindy hop which is now his living.

He received training in 9 editions of the biggest swing festival, Herräng Dance Camp, in Suecia, as well as in the most prestigious festivals in all of Europe.
As a dancer known for his energy, musicality and technique, and as a professor he knows how to transmit these three virtues with a method that triumphs in his regular classes in Barcelona, as well as in the different European festivals where he has taught classes. A lover of blues, he was one of the first professors to start blues dance classes in the state.

Additionally he founded the SwingCats Barcelona School (previously Lindyhop.cat/SwingOrfeóGracienc), of which he is is the artistic director and studio boss, and where the best professors in the state teach classes.
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