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Lindyhop, Swing Solo
Héctor Artol is one of the most recognized professors at Lindy Hop. With his partner Sonia Ortega, he dances in competitions at an international level, and he has been dancing since 1999. He started with ballroom dance but he immediately fell in love with Latin dances and Afro-Cuban rhythms. A little bit later, motivated by his desire to improve his connection with his partner while dancing, he started Argentine tango. Beginning in 2005 he has found in Lindy Hop a way to continue improving in partner dancing.
A lover of jazz, Cuban and tango music, Hector tries to give every movement the essence of each musical style. He is an international professor of Lindy Hop and gives classes in Cuban salsa and tango at the most important dance schools in Barcelona. As a dancer he forms part of a contemporary dance company, Work in Progress, and also an Afro-Cuban dance company, Salsumba. He is currently working on movement that originates from his personal influences in order to give a personal touch within each musical style.
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