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Natália Gibernau, with a Catalan father and Colombian mother, learned salsa as a way of life and a source of happiness and unstoppable rhythms. She has trained in the best salsa schools in Barcelona, in the Cuban style as well as the Los Angeles style. She started training with Víctor Mendez, ex-dancer of Tropicana. Additionally, she has attended conferences at national and international levels where she has received training in Cuban style, Caleny, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Pachanga as well as in Bachata and other Caribbean rhythms.
Currently, she forms a part of a well-known salsa dance company. What started as a distraction for a little girl has turned into a way of life. For her salsa is happiness in the form of dance. She firmly believes that she suffers from “salsonismo”, a chronic illness that she hopes is incurable.
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