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“Defining myself is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and is a little like describing how a person dances. Our dancing is us. We can't see it by simply looking. My family isn't one of the most normal, but one of the characteristics that defines it is the music that's always present. My training as a dancer is in rock & roll, son cubano, ballet, funk and lindy hop.
“I have danced Lindy hop since 2004 and I had great luck in training with the best professors, although I am constantly growing and trying to learn a little more every day about a dance that impassions me.
“Swing is a word, a concept, an illusion that many want to analyze but it is impossible to do so, and therefore it is born from feeling and therefore comes from each person internally. Something so small and so big at the same time! It is the feeling that says: come on, you can do it! It isn't so hard, try again!!, you'll feel better…!!! It is something that allows you to disconnect from yourself and be able to touch the stars. I can only say that the first dance is good, but you'll never want to dance the last!!! I don't want it to end… With Swing comes your best self!”

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